Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a shoot with you?

Call me on 07930 500845 and we'll find a time for your shoot. Shoots are undertaken Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm, or Saturday mornings between 9.00am and 12.00 midday. Payment of the sitting fee will secure your shoot date/time. Sorry, but I cannot 'pencil in' dates, and all times are subject to availability.

Please note that certain days - such as Saturdays and dates during school holidays are normally booked up several weeks in advance - so book as soon as you can!

Where will our shoot take place?

Your shoot will take place at an agreed location within an approx. 15-mile radius of Saxmundham in publicly accessible areas, such as parkland, woods or the beach. If you have a nice garden, we can shoot there!

What type of clothes should we wear?

My style of portraiture has an informal and casual feel, so your choice of clothing should reflect this.

As your shoot will take place outdoors - possibly in woodland, or on the beach etc, you should wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear, so if it's been raining, wear walking shoes/boots. I may ask you to sit on grass / sandy beaches, so don't wear your Sunday best clothes!

If it's possible to co-ordinate clothing and colours, go for it. Soft colours - such as creams, pinks and blues etc, can work really well. Try to avoid loud colours and very bold patterns / big logos etc. Have a look at our family portrait portfolio to get an idea what our clients have worn on their shoots.

How should we prepare our children for the shoot?

Make sure your children are well rested prior to the shoot. Avoid booking shoots at the same time your child has a nap.

During the shoot, avoid telling your children to ‘smile!’ or ‘say cheese!’ etc. Doing this will only distract them from the camera and will also result in unnatural looking expressions - like the dreaded cheesy grin!

Some tips for your dog photoshoot


So that your dog is looking their very best, you may want to consider giving your dog a good brush prior to your shoot. Perhaps consider taking them to a pet groomer.

Toys and Treats

Feel free to bring their favourite toys to the shoot - such as a ball etc. They could be useful for getting some great action shots!

Bring some doggy treats too, as these can sometimes help. Keep the treats hidden, as we don't your dog focussed on them, rather than the task in hand.


In the ideal world, photographing your dogs without a lead is best, but I fully appreciate that this may not be possible, and that your dog has to be kept on a lead throughout the shoot. If this is the case, bring a long lead, so you can keep a good distance whilst I'm photographing them. On a lot of cases, leads can be digitally removed from the photo at a later date.

If it's possible, try not to have your dog in a harness, as they can often look obtrusive in the photos.

Dog Walking Fields

If your dog is a bit of a lively character, but you want them off the lead to run free for the shoot, you may want to consider having your shoot done at an enclosed dog walking field. There are a few of these places near to me, so let me know if this would be your preference.

Please note that your shoot fee does not include any admission fees to any such places.

What kind of photos do you take during a family photoshoot?

On a typical family portrait shoot, I will take photos of all of your family together, plus some group shots of your children. I also like to take natural individual portraits of the children too.

Being an outdoor shoot, we'll have some fun. We can do some walking shots, some running shots - and everything in-between. The choice is yours!

How long does a shoot take? / Does it matter if we are late?

A typical family photoshoot takes about 60-90 minutes to do.

Please ensure that you arrive at the agreed location promptly at the stated time. Arriving late will result in a shortened shoot, or your shoot being cancelled without a refund of any fees.

What if someone is ill or if the weather is bad Should we still go ahead with the shoot?

If it looks like someone in your group will be ill on the day of the shoot, please let me know as soon as you can, and I’ll do my best to reschedule the shoot to another day, as illness and tiredness can greatly affect a child’s willingness to be photographed.

I don't mind working in bad weather, but if you prefer not to have your shoot when it's raining, we will reschedule.

Rescheduled dates/times are subject to my availability.


When and where do we view our portraits?

I will contact you about ten days after your shoot to arrange your viewing, which will take place in your home via Zoom.

You will need a good internet connection and a decent sized screen - such as a computer monitor, laptop, tablet or an HD television to view the images. Viewing the photos on a mobile phone is not recommended.

Is there anything we need to do before we have the viewing?

Yes - and this is really important! Before the viewing, you need to consider where you want to display your portraits and how much available wall space you have. This will really help you when it comes to choosing the right print size and finish. Have a tape measure handy too, just in case you need to quickly measure something.

Also, think about friends and relatives who you may want to give prints to. Remember, portraits of your family make great gifts!

Please note that your choice and purchase of prints will be made at your viewing, so it's very important that everyone involved in the decision-making process are present, as you will find it much harder if they are not there.

What will happen at the viewing?

You will be shown up to 50 proof images. A small selection of your portraits will be pre-prepared and fully edited to give you a good idea on how the finished result could look like. This is because the way you edit an image can often make a dramatic change to its appearance. We will discuss the best possible way the final images will be edited, printed and presented. You will also be able to see samples of our beautiful range of bespoke made wall art products and their respective prices.

How long does a viewing take?

You should allow at least 60-90 minutes for your viewing.

Should our children attend the viewing?

From literally doing thousands of viewings, I know that young children will get very bored and restless! To make your viewing much easier and stress-free, I advise that you try and not have them present.

Are my portraits 'airbrushed'?

Yes! I use the very latest in professional digital imaging software to edit/retouch the final images you purchase. Your portraits can be produced in colour, black & white and literally hundreds of different effects. I can remove/minimise spots, skin flaws, small cuts/bruises, whiten teeth etc. All of these are included in the print price.

If there is something specific that you would like done - such as teeth brace removal etc, please don't hesitate to ask and I'll see if it's possible. Any specialist retouching may be subject to additional charges.

What range of wall display products do you sell?

I have a wide range of products to suit everyone's tastes and to compliment the environment they will be displayed in. These include; traditional framed prints and contemporary acrylic panels that are professionally printed by some of the UK's finest photographic and fine art printers.

All of our wall display products are made by hand using only high quality materials. I do not use cheap ready made frames.

Small sized unframed prints are also available too - ideal as gifts for family and friends!

Can you proivde the photos in a digital format?

If you prefer a digital option, I can provide fully edited high resolution JPEG digital files that you can make unlimited copies for personal and non-commercial purposes.

Please note that I will not provide unedited or raw files.

How can we pay for our order?

Payment can be made by most credit/debit cards or bank transfer. Payment is required with your order.

As everything is custom-made for you, orders cannot be cancelled or changed, and all payments are non-refundable, so please choose and order carefully.

How long will it take to process our order?

On mounted and framed prints, the turnaround time is approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of order. Loose prints and digital media take approximately 10-14 days.


What are your office hours?

Our working hours are Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm and Saturdays 9.00am - 12.00 midday.

Sundays / Public holidays: Closed

Will you put our portraits on public display?

With your consent, I may use one or more of the images taken at your shoot for public display, competitions, marketing/promotional material and/or on our websites, including social media. However, I do respect my clients privacy, and if you prefer not to have any of the photographs put on public display, please let me know in writing and I will ensure that they are kept for your eyes only. Our Privacy Policy can be seen in the Information section of our website.

Who owns the copyright on our photographs? Can we copy them?

By law, we own the copyright on all the photographs we take. This means it is illegal for you or anyone else to scan, copy, save, or print the photographs in any way. Different licensing terms apply for our digital packages. Please ask for details.

If you wish to use the photographs for commercial purposes, please contact us for licensing options and costings.

How long do you keep your photographs?

All images that are shown to you at the viewing are retained for a minimum of 6 months. However, I reserve the right to delete the images if no purchases are made within six weeks of your shoot, or if no purchases are made at your viewing.

Any questions? Call me now on 07930 500845.